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In a time of considerable and unpredictable change, Words+Ideas moves between the worlds of the arts, culture, politics and society offering views and insights to inspire reflection, debate and critical thinking.

With this new series, NCH seeks to stimulate people’s minds with some of today's most exciting writers, commentators and thinkers.

The Performances


The dictionary definition of the word ‘perspectives’ offers several meanings, but the two we like the best are these: “a particular attitude towards, or way of, regarding something” and “a true understanding of the relative importance of things.”

Taking those meanings and placing them in parallel with the constituent parts of Perspectives 2018-2019, you can see that what NCH Chief Executive, Simon Taylor, says about this particular schedule of programming (“the series reminds us all of the universality of music as a compelling expression of the human experience”) and what NCH Head of Programme Planning, Gary Sheehan, remarks of the true nature of music (“always in flux, both stirred by its connections and the world around it”) neatly dovetail. In other words, what to some might look as a disparate collection of inspiring and enlightening artists actually share space in a Venn diagram of their own.

Perspectives 2018-2019 starts on Tuesday, September 25 (The Studio) when Norwegian songwriter and performer Susanna (aka Susanna Wallumrød) presents selections from her latest work, Go Dig My Grave. The album sees her deliver sparse versions of songs from Elizabethan England and ‘70s New York to post-punk Manchester (and even an inspiring reading of the Charles Baudelaire poem, Invitation To The Voyage). Following a singer who treats cover versions with such delicate touches would be a difficult enough task for anyone, but Irish singer and songwriter Lisa Hannigan is clearly up to it – especially when it comes to recalibrating her own songs. On Saturday, October 6 and Sunday, October 7 (Main Stage), Lisa joins forces with s t a r g a z e, the innovative, classically trained European collective, to gracefully re-work songs from her three albums (2009’s See Sew, 2011’s Passenger, 2016’s At Swim).