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Christmas Funding Appeal

This year our Christmas Funding Appeal aims to support the delivery of programmes in the Health & Wellbeing sector. The four projects we work on every day ensure that the joy and power of live music reaches all of those who do not have the opportunity to attend NCH regular concerts. These projects are delivered in 20 counties across Ireland and reach more than 8,000 people each year. They are;

Music in Mind

Designed in partnership with Mental Health Ireland, this programme is tailored to provide percussion and choral workshops to service users of mental health support centres around Ireland.
Learn more about this initiative

Health & Harmony

This programme works with Alzheimer’s day and respite care centres to bring live music to their clients with active participation encouraged.
Learn more about this initiative

National Rehabilitation Hospital

Bringing music to those unable to attend NCH, we provide monthly music workshops, performances and ward visits to the National Rehabilitation Hospital for patients who have suffered a physical or cognitive impairment.
Learn more about this initiative

Music in Children’s Hospitals

Running since 2009, this programme brings entertainment, stress relief and joy to sick children in hospitals and hospices throughout the country by bringing music directly to the children on the ward and in the classroom.
Learn more about this initiative

Whether you know a family member or friend living with dementia, a niece, nephew or neighbour’s child in hospital, someone living with mental health difficulties, or recovering from Acquired Brain Injury following an accident or illness, your donations will make a difference. Music has the power to lift people up, to provide joy and escape, to give distraction and peace in difficult times. It is only with your support that projects like these can take place, and it is only with your support that we can ensure they continue.

Can you help?

Urgent funds are needed to ensure that music is shared with children in hospitals, people living with mental health difficulties, patients recovering from debilitating injury and people living with dementia.

Your donations will make it possible to bring joy and wellbeing through music this Christmas.

Here’s how you can help:

 - Online below
 - Donate by phone on 01 417 0000. Cash or credit/debit card donations can be made at our Box Office during opening hours.
 - Donate by post. Cheques are made payable to “National Concert Hall” and can be posted to Friends Office, The National Concert Hall, Earlsfort Terrace, Dublin 2.

Any contribution from you will make a meaningful difference and will be fully invested in the Health & Wellbeing projects outlined above.

Also, did you know?

NCH is a registered charity (CHY 6469) and can now claim tax back on charitable donations of €250 or more by all tax payers, not just PAYE tax payers.
With the tax back included, a donation of €250 would amount to €362; a donation of €500 would amount to €724; and a donation of €1,000 would amount to €1,449

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