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Music In Mind

All labels are left at the door as individuals join a group to play music. They begin slowly but surely to believe in themselves again and grow in confidence moving from instrument to instrument, moving from the outskirts of the group to centre stage!

- Mullingar Mental Health Association


What Is Music In Mind?

For people living with mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety, taking part in music ensembles and choirs can have far-reaching positive effects.

We run Music in Mind because, at the National Concert Hall, we believe that anyone living with a mental health issue should have the opportunity to take part in making music.

Designed in partnership with Mental Health Ireland, the eight-week programmes are tailored for each group and provide percussion and choral workshops to service users of mental health support centres in Dublin and beyond.

The workshops take place in 13 of Mental Health Ireland's network of mental health associations. Groups interested in the programme should contact Mental Health Ireland.

The Music in Mind programme is made possible by your generous support.
Click here to donate and help bring the transformative power of music to all.

Our mission for Music In Mind

– To improve the quality of life for those living with mental health concerns though active engagement with music;
– To enhance mental wellbeing through group music playing;
– To provide social activity and new ways of self-expression.

We believe that group music engagement can lead to positive outcomes in the following areas:

– Positive feelings;
– Expectation and hope;
– Self-belief;
– Abilities and skills;
– Social support and networking;
– Structure and organisation.

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