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Laurie Anderson CANCELLED

Sunday 29th MArch

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Laurie Anderson: Radio Play


In Radio Play, Laurie finally visits her fantasy of creating her own late-night radio show comprising a mix of songs, stories, sound effects and electronics that combines the power of poetic language, music and visualization. Like radio, this piece is about using the imagination and interpreting the meaning of ambiguous sounds. Anderson will be joined by an ensemble of musicians headed by bassist and music director Greg Cohen.

Laurie Anderson is quoted as saying:
“For a long time, I’ve had the fantasy of doing a late-night radio show. It would start around four am just as the last shows are signing off and everything gets deeply quiet - and it would end before drive time. Who’s awake at 4? Not many people. It’s a time when people are especially open and you can walk right into their minds and just sit down and start talking.

I love music and words that flow into each other and I love the breakdown of logic that happens then. Radio Play is a work made from dreams and darkness and the imagination.”


Laurie Anderson: Here Comes the Ocean


Both loud and intimate, the music presented in Here Comes the Ocean includes songs by Reed and Anderson as well as improvisation by an ensemble led by bassist and music director Greg Cohen and featuring Jeff Cohen, Eyvind Kang and Tenzin Choegyal all creating symphonic worlds.

Laurie Anderson says:
“I wake up every morning with a sense of disbelief. Did the Amazon just burn? Did one billion animals just die in Australia? How much polar ice is really left? Climate collapse is one of the biggest stories of our time. It will be one of the many threads in Here Comes the Ocean along with water as a metaphor for the mind and boundlessness”.

Here Comes the Ocean is an evening of improvisation against the backdrop of the drones, a guitar feedback work by Lou Reed, performed by his collaborator and drone master Stewart Hurwood.

Laurie Anderson: Lou Reed Drones Installation


The drone-based sonic experience utilising guitars from her late husband Lou Reed’s collection, will be staged in the historic Kevin Barry Recital Room.

By placing the instruments in an arrangement against a group of amplifiers, their tuned feedback creates an enveloping drone of harmonics that shifts and changes, depending on the audience location. Presented by Laurie Anderson, the installation is designed as an immersive dive into the drones Reed created, providing Reed fans with a unique experience.

Free admission

Presented by NCH
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