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St. Declan's School

St. Declan's Schools

St. Declan’s School is a school for children with behavioural and emotional difficulties. The work of the National Concert Hall here involves engaging the talents of sound artist and composer Slavek Kwi. Slavek visits the school on a weekly basis and works with children, some of whom have complex developmental difficulties including communication/speech and language difficulties, emotional/behavioural difficulties, ADHD and Aspergers’ Syndrome.

Slavek’s particular expertise focuses on the development of children’s communication skills through the medium of music, enabling them to give a creative response through music/sound making.

"The children have mild emotional and/or behavioural difficulties and their weekly encounter with musical instruments in this free style environment gives them a chance to express themselves and communicate with each other outside of verbal language…Music gives them a different way of listening." Slavek Kwi for The Irish Times Health Plus

As the Christmas season approaches, we urge you reflect on the joyful and moving experiences you’ve had at the National Concert Hall, and make a donation in support of our work with organisations like St. Declan’s School — providing life-enriching musical experiences to children with behavioural and emotional difficulties.