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SinfoNua & David Brophy

Following the successful return of SinfoNua in August 2016, we are delighted to announce the orchestra’s return in the summer of 2017 for what promises to be another exciting and rewarding experience for participants. The intensive rehearsals will take place from August 30th, with the course ending with two concerts on September 2nd and 3rd.

SinfoNua is an initiative from the National Concert Hall’s Learning & Participation programme: An orchestra for emerging musicians providing an experience mirroring that of a professional orchestra.

We invite musicians in the final years of graduate study, post-graduates and recent graduates to apply now.

The programme will include Stravinsky's Symphony in Three Movements, Rachmaninov's Symphonic Dances and Mia Cooper will be the soloist for Sibelius's Violin Concerto.

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General rules
  1. Applicants must be undertaking an undergraduate or post graduate study, or be a recent graduate.
  2. Applicants must be resident in, studying in or a citizen of the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.
  3. All players must apply and audition.
  4. The National Concert Hall reserves the right of admission under all circumstances.
  5. The National Concert Hall reserves the right to make exceptions in criteria and regulations.
  1. No special arrangements can be made for late entries for any reason.
  2. Any attempt to influence the outcome of auditions will disqualify an applicant. Contacting the judging panel in advance will immediately exclude you from the process - canvassing will not be tolerated.
  3. Applicants may audition from the following sections strings, woodwind, brass and percussion (Wind instruments candidates are encouraged to also audition on their respective doubling instruments.)
  4.  Violin players may apply to audition as orchestra leader.
  5.  The decision of the National Concert Hall audition panel will be final.
  6. All application forms must be submitted with a video audition, live auditions will be called if necessary after the final deadline.
  7. All applicants must present two contrasting pieces.


  1. Players who are offered and accept a place must confirm availability for the concert and the week of rehearsals.
  2. The National Concert Hall reserves the right to make changes in dates or repertoire if necessary.
  3. Players must be present at all rehearsals/concerts and will not receive permission to be absent on any day or for any part of SinfoNua, other than unforeseen circumstances.

Rehearsal and performance

  1. Members of the orchestra are expected to be extremely familiar with all works on the programme prior to the commencement of the rehearsal period.
  2. The concerts will be no longer than 2 hour and 30 minutes each.
Please contact education@nch.ie for further details.