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Music Workshops for Schools

Music Workshops for Schools

Musical World: Exploring Music for Primary Schools - Traditional Irish Music

Tuesday 9th May, 10.30am

The Studio

The fifth in a new series of performance workshops for primary school groups (3rd-6th class) where we explore music from around the world; today we start at home, with the focus on learning through Traditional Irish music.

Learn about the structure, style and rhythms of Irish Traditional Music; what makes a jig a jig and a reel a reel?  Explore the sounds of the different instruments and sing and join in with the musicians.

Based on the primary music curriculum, classroom materials will be provided before each event, at which we promise lots of participation, active learning, and a good time!

Tickets: €8 per student, teachers go free.
For groups of 9 or more please call us on 01 417 00 00 to make your booking

Tailor Made Workshops

These workshops are geared towards school trips and outings, and focus on fun and participation rather than specific links to the curriculum. Nevertheless, participants will learn much from these events informally that will link into many other areas of their music education.

Whole classes or smaller groups are invited to participate in the workshop of their choice – options include percussion, singing, song-writing, Gamelan, and improvisation.


Discover the world of rhythm with a group percussion workshop. Our skilled facilitators will take your group through a rhythmic journey exploring the drumming traditions of West Africa, Brazil, and the Caribbean. No previous experience is required, and we can supply all of the instruments.


This workshop uses the one instrument that we all possess: the voice. Group singing is one of the easiest ways into music participation, and our facilitators are experts at getting everyone involved, joining in, and having a good time.


Designed for those with an interest in writing and recording their own songs, this workshop guides participants through the creative process, culminating in a recording of their own newly crafted piece. Participants collaborate in the writing process, guided by experienced facilitators, and also perform to each other throughout, and at the end of the event.

Gamelan Introduction

Experience the magical sound of the Javanese Gamelan! This unique set of tuned percussion instruments was gifted to the National Concert Hall by the Sultan of Yogyakarta, and is a great way of getting to play music in an ensemble, even with little or no previous experience. Due to the size and number of instruments, this workshop is currently only available at the National Concert Hall and workshops are limited to a maximum of 20 participants.